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[reposted with permission from James Howard, president of San Diego branch of Goth Help Us]


For Immediate Release:

The man who assaulted me (James Howard), Lora Williams, and Mark Williams, was found guilty by a jury of his peers to 4 counts relating to assault, two of them felony counts.

Guilty on all counts.

Justice has been served.

We are vindicated.

The Identity of the second assailant was revealed at the trial, and the second assailant testified under oath that he had hit James Howard. He will be tried separately and charges are being drawn up by the D.A. now against him.

This Assault case was won by one outstanding District Attorney, who had faith in we the victims, and fought hard for them when others would not. He took this case on that seemed near un-winnable due to the politics of the case... From day one, no one wanted to take this seriously, and the victims had to fight to get this taken to felony assault, and to have investigations escalated.

The victims of the assault were all Goths, and were targeted that night last September because they were Gothic. Insults were hurled at them in efforts to provoke them by two men., and when they could not be provoked, they were assaulted by a "Man of Honor" and his brother, who were intoxicated, and after assaulting 2 men and a woman, fled the scene.

The Jury of 12 deliberated nearly 2 days, but came to the just verdict, in spite of an overwhelming performance by the attorney for the defense who presented the 4 Goths that went to dinner that night as a threat, armed (they were not) and violent. The entire case presented and witnesses presented by the defense produced such stereotypical fictions about Goths and Goth Subculture that members that in the midst of what was a highly emotional court proceeding, there had to be efforts by the victims not to laugh.

The Jury showed common sense and good judgment in their decisions, and the District Attorney can be credited for showing Goths as people, with rights, like anyone else. While we were vilified by the defense, the D.A. spoke to our bravery and civil behavior that night… illustrating how we, the vilified, had all in fact, done the right thing.

All that has occurred to day is Justice, and that is all the SURVIVORS of this incident ever wanted.

The survivors of this attack are forever changed… But the good that has come out of this tragedy, the awakenings and epiphanies, have been astounding. Even if Justice had not been served this day, the damage done would have still made us stronger… But now that justice has been served, faith in justice has been restored to many.

Thank you to all of you who provided support over the last year… You have been wonderful, and none of the four of us who were there that night could have gotten through this without your kind words, prayers and meditations.

-James Howard
Survivor of a targeted assault.

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